A fun and creative challenge for you…

I encourage you to STEP UP and create a RIPPLE that could bring some joy to a friend or family member’s day! Plus, I bet it’ll feel good to you too! :-) And, I personally found it to be A LOT OF FUN!

When I was visiting a friend the other day she showed me a couple of video creations she had made for some friends. They loved them. And, I thought they were really cool!

After I left, I thought more about it – what a neat thing to do!  But then I thought, wow… I wonder if I can do it. I encouraged myself to STEP UP! So, I tried it out! Btw, if you use the Animoto FREE service, you can create unlimited 30 second or less creations.

I made the first one for my dad.  (see below).

‘The Ripple’ took less than 15 minutes for me to make it and email it to him. Can I just add… what a WONDERFUL FEELING I also got by consciously taking the time to share a moment with him!

And, then I made several more to send to some friends. They LOVED THEM! And, they appreciated the time I took thinking about them and creating something special for them.  A RIPPLE EFFECT was created:-)

Then someone challenged me to create one that had a variety of some of my crazy pics to share with the world to let you all see a little more about me… They said something about being vulnerable…

Well, here ya go – I’m sharing a few fun moments in time. Including a shot of my dad and a pic me at 1 1/2 years old:-)

Yes, I know… a few are duplicates of shots on my dad’s video, but hey… I hadn’t originally planned on sharing his. I just wanted to show you how simple but neat they could be!

After I completed the ones I made for family and friends, I was having so much fun, I wanted to create more! So, I made a couple for my website. Try it, it’s FUN!

Again, I would encourage you to create A RIPPLE EFFECT and try making some too. It really IS fun AND a great way to surprise someone!

Start your own slideshow with music with Animoto.

Feel free to share how it goes…

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  1. Bob says:

    Might try it. They look good.