Boost Your Success with an Optimistic Attitude

When looking at your business and your life, do you tend to be more optimistic/positive or pessimistic/negative? 

Food for thought…

Martin Seligman, psychologist and clinical researcher, has spent decades studying optimism and pessimism. In his bestselling book, How to Change Your Mind and Your Life, he states that pessimistic thinking can undermine not just your behavior but your success in all areas of your life. He adds, however, that “Pessimism is escapable… Pessimists can learn to be optimists.”

Optimism is not just a feel-good strategy. When we focus our attention on our innate character strengths that we all have such as wisdom, courage, compassion verses perceived failures and what we don’t have, we boost not only our moods, but our immune system and success levels as well. Research has shown that optimistic people tend to be healthier and experience more success in life.

To alter our lives—and the challenges we face—we must first recognize what we say to ourselves when we experience a setback. By changing negative patterns of thinking and changing our interior negative dialogue, we can allow optimism which in turn can enhance success.

Ready to make a change in your own life and business? Try this exercise:  Write down the answers to the following question – What do I say to myself when challenges or problems come up? Try to come up with your 5 most common default answers 

Once you have completed the exercise, take action by changing the negative dialog or negative patterns of thinking into more optimistic or positive statements. Continue to revisit this exercise on a weekly basis for the first 90-days.

Take action now. And, find someone to hold you accountable.

I look forward to hearing about how you were able to STEP UP to the NEXT LEVEL and create a very successful business that helps you make a difference, serve more people and make more money.

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  1. Karen says:

    I read your post and wished I’d written it. Great insight.