‘Soul-Full Discovery’ Journey Coaching Program

 ‘Soul-Full Discovery’ Journey Coaching Program…

About the Life M.A.P.S ‘Soul-Full Discovery’ Journey Coaching Program… This journey is designed to be a spiritual coaching process that will assist you with letting go of the past, embracing your present, and consciously creating your future.  

 ‘Soul-Full Discovery’ - Life M.A.P.S coaching was designed to give you a proven framework and support platform for change.

What is the Life M.A.P.S system? It’s a Proven 4-Pillar System designed to consciously create positive changes and growth.

What does the acronym M.A.P.S stand for?  M.A.P.S =

Mindfulness: Consciously, intentionally and non-judgmentally focusing your attention on your emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment

AccountabilityA commitment to account for your activities and progress, accept responsibility for what you commit to and to share the results in an authentic and honest manner. 

Practice: Daily practice of the principles and any assigned activities or exercises

Support: Asking for and allowing compassionate objective support


How does this coaching program work? An initial assessment and consultation will take place that will take an honest look at where you are and where you would like to be. Based on this initial assessment, your journey will be uniquely designed for your specific goals and outcomes.

Time commitment…  Although in some cases, we will take on clients for individual sessions, we have found that a commitment for a minimum of a 90-days tends to create higher degrees of noticeable changes and success. This is a process and a journey… not a quick fix!

How do sessions take place… Coaching sessions are available via phone, skype, or in-person.  

How often do sessions take place… We recommend a minimum of one coaching session per week.

What to expect… Everyone’s journey will feel unique to them. At times, however, pushing through your comfort zone and challenging paradigms may feel a little unsettling or uncomfortable. Or, sometimes it might even feel like a 2×4 has thumped you upside the head! This is often where people get stuck, back off, and/or sabotage themselves.

Think back to when you were having growth spurts as a child. Sometimes people experience a little discomfort or pain as part of that natural growth process. Thinking of your journey along those lines can help make sense of your emotional ‘growth spurts’.

Not that we want you to experience discomfort, but we’re actually doing the happy dance for you at this point, because we know that from past experience this is where true growth is happening!

That tap tap tap of life on your shoulder is trying to get your attention. And, that’s also where the power of support becomes so important to your process! Without it, most people stop or detour on their journey and settle for less than life is trying to reawaken them too!

As we like to say, it’s hard to see the whole picture if you are in the frame… We’re here to support you in remembering what the picture of your dreams and goals looks like and why you want to move through any fears, discomfort, anxiety, etc. to journey there.

It’s a beautiful thing…

This is your journey… Our invitation to you is to ‘In-Joy’ the Journey

When things feel a little out of alignment or a little uncomfortable, we’re here to help support you and remind you that – All is well…  And also to remind you that the joy is in the journey…

Embrace and In-Joy the process! In-Joy Discovering increased Fun, Joy, Love, Health, Wealth, Creativity! In-Joy Discovering and Creating wonderful new possibilities!  In-Joy leading the life you would Love to Live – or feel Called to Live!


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